Elen Rapoport
Email: contact@strathfieldpianolessons.com.au
Mobile: +61 416 296 183

Elen Rapoport


I love Elen, she is the best piano teacher ever. She teaches me how to play piano beautifully, she teaches me how to perform professionally in piano competitions, and she is my soul model. Her performance of Rachmaninoff Concerto No. 2 is my favorite piece!

-- Kevin

Jessica has been studying with Elen since 2005 and has achieved outstanding results in piano. She has averaged in A in all exams through grade 3 to Cmus and received her Associate Diploma in 2014. Elen has influenced her to both love and develop skill in piano. She has the capability to adapt to the needs of her students in order to help them gain the best learning experience while having fun and being passionate about music.

-- Jessica

Elen is the best piano teacher I ever seen. She uses her excellent skills, techniques and teaching methods guide my boys to explore the beauty of music, her patience with kids help them keep the best interests in learning piano. Her attitude in teaching always encourage my boys to conquer the difficulties. She is not only a teacher, she is a musician, an artist, and a good friend.

-- Lily