Elen Rapoport
Email: contact@strathfieldpianolessons.com.au
Mobile: +61 416 296 183

Elen Rapoport

Piano Lessons

Elen Rapoport is an acclaimed Russian concert pianist with 32 years of teaching experience. She has worked in Russia, Turkey, China, New Zealand and for the last 16 years, Australia.

Elen is seriously committed to fostering the musical ability of your child. She has developed a profoundly effective teaching methodology utilizing traditional Russian piano methods, general music therapy and one's unique creative insights.

She is a member of the Accompanists Guild of NSW and is the director of Elen Rapoport Music & Arts Centre.

Services include:

  • Piano lessons for all ages and levels.
  • Preparation for AMEB (including Amusa & Lmusa)
  • Family Music Education, where parents are invited to participate in the lesson of their small child, ideally 3 - 4 years of age
  • Twice a year, students have the opportunity to perform before an audience in an authentic concert setting, usually prior to exams.
  • A Painting with Music Program is available to help students become accustomed to "Musical Language and Emotions" through the use of colours and their relation to sound (see concert/Exhibitions)
  • Developing aural skills through free improvisation and theory knowledge
  • Individualised programs for students that are particular to their learning needs
  • Learn how to play and improvise Jazz Piano with references to latest musical project for 2, 3 and 4 Pianos - Elen Rapoport & Alex Parkmen (www.classicaljazzfor2.com)